The Restless Runner: Pre And Post Run Stretching

Pre And Post Run Stretching

I know every run blog that I have read, has relativley the same content.  But, I am hoping mine will be a little different by creating a runner's community of continuous support.  With that being said, I welcome your ideas for daily discussions and ideas, and will also take requests for the Happy Run Playlists. I also would like this blog to be a one-stop-blog for runners.  Simple.

Stretching. SO very important. It prevents injury. Before a run or any work-out in general, as well as post excercise, you need to stretch.


-Before a run, your muscles are "cold". You need to loosen them up for a more fluid run, thus preventing injuries.
-You will be less sore and stiff after wards.
-It helps your joints to have full range of motion.
-It increases blood flow to your muscles.

Need some more convincing?

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