Learning To Run Early In The Morning

  • Give your blood sugar levels a little pick-me-up prior to running by eating half a banana, 6-8 ounces of juice or a toast and jam 15-20 minutes prior to your run.  Your body will tell you what it can handle and what it prefers.  It may mean waking up a few minutes earlier, but it will pay off because your mind will wake up and you will have plenty of energy to get you through your run. 
  • If you normally consume coffee or tea in the morning, consider drinking a half cup or so to provide an additional boost for your run.  Research studies have shown moderate amounts of caffeine to be an effective performance enhancer pre-run.
  • Walk for at least 5 minutes to properly warm your body up before you run.  It takes a little longer to warm up in the morning so start with an easy walking pace and gradually increase it to a brisk walking pace.  Walking for five minutes will make all the difference in allowing your body to more efficiently prepare for the transition to running. 
  • After the five minute walking warm up, run easy for 5-10 minutes.  Your body will reward you with a strong performance if you gradually bring it up to speed.  Like warming up a car in the winter, your body needs time to wake up, warm up and run!  You won't believe the difference!  If that doesn't help, alternate running for a minute or two and power walking for a minute before you hit your running tempo.  Run-walking works wonders in transitioning to running, especially in the morning.
  • Develop an iPod playlist that starts out slowly and builds with your favorite motivational tunes!  Music is a very effective way to motivate even in the hardest of times during your runs.
Good luck and let us know how it works out for you!

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