The 9 Best Vegetarian Foods for Runners

Running is one of the best workouts you can do if you love to commune with nature, and eating a vegetarian diet is a great way to lessen your impact on the planet, what with the disastrous impact that factory farms have on our land, air, and water supplies .

Every day, runners need at least 0.5 to 0.8 grams of protein per pound of weight. For a 150-pound person, that's 75 grams. Here are the best ways to meet that requirement without resorting to meat, which has high levels of saturated fat and a seriously large environmental footprint:
Tofu. In addition to being rich in protein—a cup contains 10 grams—tofu is rich in isoflavones, which protect your heart. Just be sure to buy organic; nonorganic tofu is very often made with genetically modified soy and can be processed with hexane, a carcinogen.
Soymilk. If the texture of tofu turns you off, try soymilk instead. It has the most protein of any nondairy milk alternative, about 6 grams per cup, along with all the calcium and vitamin D you'd get from cow's milk. Again, look for organic brands, which aren't made with GMO soy.
Beans. To maximize your protein intake, load up on beans, which contain roughly 12 to 14 grams per cup, depending on the type. They also contain iron, which is needed to boost a runner's endurance.

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