Breathing Efficiently: a technique for runners

Several followers have asked about, “how must I inhale and exhale while running?” So today’s article is in direct response to your queries.  A great deal of the material is described and applied via an post in Runner’s World that talks about the publication, Running on Air by: Bud Coates, M.S., and Claire Kowalichik.
Their idea is that simply by using a breathing pattern it is possible to:
1) avoid injury, and
2) enhance your oxygen capacity which unfortunately reduces your times.

How Can Correct Breathing Reduce Injury?

The influence on your body is 2-3 times your body weight when running. Once you take in air you cause your diaphragm to contract (your diaphragm is a muscle that assists expand and contract your lungs). So when you breathe out your diaphragm relaxes. As your it relaxes your core is left unstable and at risk of injury-especially through the hips, knees, and back. So, in case you are always breathing out on precisely the same leg, you open yourself to injuries.
Eventually, your back and hips would start to hurt from regularly wearing it on one side. So what did you do? You changed it to another side. This idea applies directly to your inhaling and exhaling while operating.
Here’s how it takes place:

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