Run Happy All Winter Long

Ready, set, run!

by Cristina Goyanes
It seems like overnight the weather went from breezy to brutally cold. Now you're singing the winter blues: It's too cold, too dark, too slippery to run. But falling temperatures don't have to deter you, says exercise physiologist Jonathan Cane, co-founder of City Coach Multisport, in New York City. Tap these strategies to escape the dreaded treadmill.

Stay Visible

This is the golden safety rule during a season in which it starts getting dark at (sigh) 4 p.m.: Be sure you're wearing at least one piece of reflective or neon-colored gear so cars can see you a quarter-mile out. For added visibility, slap on a reflective wristband, such as Nathan's Reflex snap band.

Layer Up

"Start with a wicking base layer," Cane says, "and finish with a wind-resistant shell

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