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Tuesday Tips: Running for Beginners

Welcome to the second addition of Tuesdays Tips. This week we’re talking running for beginners!
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Running has never came easy for me. I’ve done several 10k’s, am training for my first half marathon and still have to work on it every week.
I’ve never been the fastest, and have never been able to go on a ‘leisurely’ 8 mile jog. That’s why I am so excited for my first half, because I get to work my butt off to prove to myself that I CAN do it.
I know you are probably either rolling your eyes or agreeing with me, which is fine– I used to do the same thing when bloggers would tell me (their reader) that they too struggle with running (YA RIGHT, you just ran 12 miles on a Saturday!). But now that I am in their shoes, I can tell you honestly that for me, it isn’t about how many miles you run or how fast you run them in. It’s about YOU and the ROAD. It’s about pushing yourself, to show yourself that you are worth it.
running for beginners

Running is tough, and can be even tougher in the beginning. A few tips that I suggest for beginner runner is:
  • Go slow:  It’s really not a race (even if you are literally IN a race). Listen to your body and don’t be discouraged if you have to take walking breaks. Even the most experienced runners I know take walking breaks. 
  • Wear proper attire: Get shoes that actually fit and are made for running. Wear running socks or socks that don’t slip. Chaffing sucks, and so do blisters. Is it hot/cold out? Wear layers! Wearing the right clothes can make running 10x more enjoyable.
  • Run with a friend: Even if you don’t talk the entire time and are gasping for air (been there…), it’s still nice to have some company that pushes you to keep going.
  • Rest: Don’t over do it. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you aren’t going to become Forrest Gump in 3 weeks.
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