The 6 Foods Every Runner Needs to Eat

A runner doesn't need to follow a strict or special diet to be in tip-top shape, but there are a few foods every runner needs to fuel her workouts, improve performance, and speed up recovery time. Keep reading to find out which foods do a runner's body good.

 Runners need sustained energy to fuel intense trainings or lengthy runs. Complex carbs like quinoa, oats, and whole wheat are absorbed slowly, offering the body a steady energy supply. For an added bonus, they also supply a good amount of necessary protein. Because complex carbs take longer to digest, they should be consumed a couple hours before a workout.

A runner can't survive on simple carbs alone, but they're a great way to get quick energy 15 minutes or so before a workout (or even during an endurance run). Choose small servings of foods that are low in fiber to prevent digestive upset. Snack on half a banana, a handful of grapes, or a few strawberries. The sugar will offer a quick pick-me-up to inspire you to lace up your sneaks and head out the door.

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