Yoga for Runners

Simple Yoga Moves for Runners

Quick Ab Sequence

Use this short and effective ab workout anytime to strengthen your core.

Bay Kasana

Loosen up your quads and hip flexors before or after a run with this quick stretch.

Thread the Needle

Use this pose to release the tension in the upper body built up during a run.

Bridge Pose

Use this to strengthen your legs while stretching your back.

Dancer's Pose

Open up your chest, improve your balance, strengthen your legs; this pose has it all.

Figure-4 Stretch

Perfect for runners, this pose stretches the hips, glutes, and lower back.

Reverse Child's Pose

This short and easy sequence is designed to stretch the quads and hip flexors.

Seated Forward Bend

This modified pose lengthens the spine and mobilizes the lower back.

Supine Split

Grab a yoga strap (or a towel) for this hamstring stretch, great for before or after a run.

Thread the Needle

Use this pose to release the tension in the upper body built up during a run.

Sun Salutation A

Watch how to use this essential yoga sequence, linked by breath, to warm up or cool down from a run.

Sun Salutation B

Learn how to use this brief yoga sequence to strengthen your legs and stretch your feet and shins.

Eagle Abs

This quick sequence riffs off eagle pose to provide an efficient core workout.

Half Pigeon

Learn how to use this pose to open up tight glutes and hips.

Toes Pose

Open up your feet and get relief from plantar fasciitis with this pose.

Camel Pose

See how adding a simple isolation to this pose turns it into a core- and hip-flexor-strengthening move.

Dolphin Push-Ups

Watch how to turn the pose into a core- and arm-strengthening supermove.

Downward Facing Dog for Runners

Rebecca shows you how to turn this traditional pose into a hamstring helper.

Legs Up the Wall Pose

Use this simple pose to help your run-weary legs recover while you take a moment to meditate.

Corpse Pose

More than just lying around, this pose can help you focus before or after a difficult run.

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