What To Eat Before You Run

For a long time, one of the most mystifying things about running to me — and exercise in general — didn’t even involve the action itself, it had to do with what you’re required to do before and after (and sometimes during) a workout. I’m not talking about stretching or drinking water (although both are vital for a safe workout) … I’m talking about figuring out what to eat.

There are a lot of myths and opinions surrounding what you’re supposed to eat before a run, the most common of which is the “carboload”: the idea that you should load up on a ton of carbohydrates like pasta before working out.

Distance runners, marathoners, and tri-athletes may need to load up the night before a race, but the majority of us can actually take it pretty easy.

The only thing that eating a big plate of pasta the night before a run will do is make you feel sluggish during the run itself.

 So, what should you eat before a run? The answer to that largely depends on how long you plan to run for. In general, you’re looking to strike the right balance between just enough carbs to keep you energized, a small amount of protein to keep you full, and electrolytes to balance your fluids.

If you’ve been feeling stumped, I’ve created these two graphics to help you pump up your pre-run food game: Source:


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