Stretching After Running

We all know that running makes us strong.  Not only can it build and tone our muscles, but it can also slim down a waistline.
As much as I love the mental release I get while running, there is a second part of it I wish I consistently kept up with after every single run: stretching.
When talking to athletes and active adults older than me, the biggest piece of advice I have gotten from them is to make stretching a priority.  I have heard “if there’s one thing I wish I did more of when I was younger, it would be stretching,” more than a time or two and finally got around to sharing this little nugget of knowledge with you today.
Stretching may seem like an inconvenience or pain to do after an intense run or workout, but taking even a few short minutes to cool down and stretch will do wonders for your body and overall health.  Without it, our bodies may not recover from the impact of running, our muscles will probably stiffen, then possibly cramp and tighten up.  In turn, this leaves more room for injury and soreness.


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