Homemade Energy Gel for Runners, Make your own Energy Gel

E3 Energy Gel 
4.8 oz (.6 cup) of Organic Brown Rice Syrup
3.2 oz  (.4 cup) Organic Honey
1 tsp of sea salt
Optional Ingredients
Instant Coffee (for caffeine)
Green Tea Powder (antioxidant source)
Natural flavor extracts of your choice

Mix all the ingredients together and pour into a squeeze container. Another option is to pour into individual food safe plastic zip lock plastic bags and freeze until the night before a race or training run.

Why it works
The brown rice syrup consists of a combination of 50% complex carbohydrates and 50% maltose.  The maltose can be broken down (into glucose) in our bodies quickly providing initial energy needed in endurance sports and the complex carbohydrates provide the sustained energy. The honey is a rich source of fructose that provides a more gradually released energy.  The salt provides the electrolytes (sodium). So the combination of brown rice syrup and honey provide the 3 essential forms of energy for the endurance athlete, immediate energy (from glucose), gradually released energy (from fructose) and sustained energy (from complex carbohydrates).
Give it a try and let us know your thought

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