6 Tips for Trail Running for Beginners

I vividly remember my first trail run. I started as a way to run with my ultra running husband who always agreed to run the roads with me even though he prefers the trails. At first, it felt strange, awkward and very unnatural. Every step was made with a fear of falling or twisting an ankle.  There was a hesitation in my stride. My form felt off and the dodging of obstacles felt like I was risking serious injury with ever step. A little over a year later I started running ultras. A few weeks ago I ran 30 miles on a trail and loved every minute of it.
Most runners will run the same routes and streets every time and will never venture off road, but hopefully that will change with these tips to trail running for beginners.
If you’re only planning to hit the trail once a month or once a week your regular running shoes will do just fine. However if you are planning on making trail running a more consistent part of your training then trail-running shoes provide a much more protective sole and greater stability to help you keep your balance while running over and across loose dirt, rocks and tree roots.


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