3 Tricks to Make Your New Running Shoes ‘Just Right’

Shopping for running shoes can make you feel like a modern-day Goldilocks. Some shoes are too tight, while others are too loose. Some have too much cushioning, some have arches that don’t align with yours, and others just feel … weird.
It’s okay if you don’t have the words to describe why a pair of shoes feels off, says John O’Neill of the Colorado Running Company: “No one’s foot is like your foot. No one can tell you what a shoe feels like on your foot. I’ve been fitting and selling shoes since 1983, and still have not mastered this.”
If you’ve tried on a pair of running shoes that feels close, but not quite perfect, simple modifications can be made to the shoe in an attempt to create your personal “just right.” Try these customization tricks and you’ll create your perfect running shoes faster than you can say “Goldilocks.”

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